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2 Pipe Connector

  • 2 Pipe connector for any hookah.
  • Made with Aluminum alloy for anti-rusting and long life of connector.
  • Gives facility of connecting two pipes to one hookah for multiple people.
  • Ideal for hookah/shisha smoke and sharing a single hookah.

Al-Afandi Nara Coconut Charcoal Box of 10 Rolls (100 Tablets)

  • Al-Afandi Coconut Nara Charcoal Box of 10 Rolls. (100 Tablets)
  • Odorless and Easy to burn Charcoal.
  • Long Lasting coal for longer hookah sessions.
  • Burns quickly and lasts longer.
  • Dense and smooth flow of smoke guaranteed.
  • ¬†Doesn't hurt the throat thus pleasurable hookah session.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Multi-purpose use.
  • 1 box contains 10 rolls. 1 roll contains 10 tablets each.

Al-Akbar Coconut Coal 500gms-48 Tablets

  • 100% Natural Al-Akbar Coconut Coal.
  • Packing of 500gms contains 48 Authentic and natural coconut shell coals.
  • Lasts longer than normal and magic coals.
  • 100% natural odorless and smokeless coals.
  • Smooth flow of smoke without any residual smell or throat burn.
  • Takes a bit time to light and burns for almost a half an hour or so.
  • Best for outdoor and indoor hookah sessions.
  • Multi-purpose coconut coals.

Base Rubber for Hookah

  • Premium quality base rubber for the perfect joint of hookah stem to hookah bowl.
  • Best product for all your hookah bowls.
  • Shipped the same day of order confirmation.

Cazzaro Sparkle Powder For Hookah Base

  • Contents: set of 5 bottles 8 gm\bottle
  • Color: Multi-color with glitter effect.
  • Depending on the bowl size, we recommend approx. 4 big shisha or 8 small shisha
  • Free from any harmful substances.
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Tobacco & Nicotine-free.
  • Gives a very refreshing look and an amazing taste to any ordinary looking hookah.

Ceramic Hookah Bowl/Chillum

  • Premium Quality Porcelain like ceramic hookah bowl/chillum.
  • Crafted with care for optimum smoke and perfect fit.
  • Fits almost any hookah.
  • Easy to carry and clean chillums.
  • Available in array of colors. (Colors are subjected to availability)

Chillum Rubber

  • Premium quality rubbers for hookah/shisha.
  • Fitting rubber for any type of hookah.
  • Multipurpose rubber.

Filters for Hookah pipe

  • Filters for hookah pipe for germ protection and safety.
  • Premium quality plastic material for your seamless hookah enjoyment.
  • Single time use filters for safety against germs.

Foil Puncture

  • Puncture for aluminum foil for hookah.
  • Small nails to put perfect holes on the aluminum foil and make your hookah session hassle-free.

Foil Roll For Hookah Chillum

  • Aluminum foil roll of all brands available.
  • Premium quality foil roll just for hookah chillum.
  • Best sturdiness for perfect chillum fitting.
  • can ready more than 100 chillums.

Hookah Starter

  • Multipurpose accessory for hookah starting
  • No need to give any stress to your body to start your hookah
  • It more easy for you to start with your hookah without any hassle.
  • Use this product for seamless and long lasting smoke without tiring out your lungs to charge the hookah,
  • Electric air pump can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Comes with three types of nozzles to give you options.
  • Can ready upto 10 chillums in one go.
  • No Guarantee Made in PRC

Lotus Kloud 2.0 Heat Management Chillum

  • Premium Quality aluminum material
  • No Need Of Silver Foil
  • New and Upgraded Heat Management System by Lotus Kloud For Smooth and Seamless Heat Management System
  • Big Inner Size Can hold up to 3 charcoals (depends on Charcoal size)
  • Reduce ash and charcoal particles from Charcoal burning
  • Smooth & Dense Smoke For pleasurable hookah session
  • Compatible with any kaloud fitted hookah bowl
  • Hassle Free and Easy to Use and Clean Kloud