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Funnel (American Chillum) Small

  • American Funnel Bowl Chillum
  • Clay mixed terracotta hookah chillum
  • Compatible with all types of hookahs
  • Easy to carry, clean and wash
  • Single hole funnel
  • Absorbs a good amount of heat
  • Long lasting and durable flavor burning time
  • Can hold up to 20-25 grams flavor at once
  • No residue smell after a proper washing

Funnel (American) Chillum for Hookah

  • These Premium Quality Clay Bowl resembles the Traditional type of Clay Bowl that has been used to smoke Flavored Tobacco for centuries.
  • Funnel Chillum is very sturdy, and will most likely fit on any type of Hookah.
  • Funnel Chillum (American Chillum) is preferred by Hookah smokers who are looking to cater their Hookah with a more traditional type of bowl.
  • These chillums provides for many benefits, as it does not stain or rust, is easy to clean, and retains a large amount of heat when smoking with the Hookah.
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