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Al-Afandi Nara Coconut Charcoal Box of 10 Rolls (100 Tablets)

  • Al-Afandi Coconut Nara Charcoal Box of 10 Rolls. (100 Tablets)
  • Odorless and Easy to burn Charcoal.
  • Long Lasting coal for longer hookah sessions.
  • Burns quickly and lasts longer.
  • Dense and smooth flow of smoke guaranteed.
  •  Doesn't hurt the throat thus pleasurable hookah session.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Multi-purpose use.
  • 1 box contains 10 rolls. 1 roll contains 10 tablets each.

Al-Akbar Coconut Coal 250gms (30 Pcs)

  • Al-Akbar branded coconut coal for amazing and long hookah sessions.
  • Best quality coals from natural coconut to give you the best experience of your hookah.
  • 100% long lasting coals for your hookah.

Al-Akbar Coconut Coal 500gms-48 Tablets

  • 100% Natural Al-Akbar Coconut Coal.
  • Packing of 500gms contains 48 Authentic and natural coconut shell coals.
  • Lasts longer than normal and magic coals.
  • 100% natural odorless and smokeless coals.
  • Smooth flow of smoke without any residual smell or throat burn.
  • Takes a bit time to light and burns for almost a half an hour or so.
  • Best for outdoor and indoor hookah sessions.
  • Multi-purpose coconut coals.

Cocoyaya Coconut Coal (500 gms, 36 Cubes )

  • Made from 100% pure coconut shell charcoal
  • Clean burning & tasteless
  • Long-lasting & leaves less ash
  • Can also be used for grilling/Barbeque
  • Electric Stove is highly recommended for lighting Coconut Charcoals.
  • 100% chemical-free and eco-friendly
  • Quantity – 500 gms (36 Cubes)
Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product

MYA Genie Coconut Coal (200 gms, 16 Pcs)

  • Premium Quality Coconut Shell Coals for ultimate hookah enjoyment.
  • Trusted brand of MYA coals.
  • Tasteless & Odorless coals for seamless hookah sessions.
  • Low-Ash and Slow burning coals perfect for any hookah.

Smokers Coal | Brick Coals for Hookah Odorless and Seamless Smoke (Silver Coal) (30 Pcs)

  • Branded Premium Quality Brick Coal for long hookah sessions.
  • Odorless and Tasteless Coal for Seamless Smoke.
  • 30 Pcs. of best quality coals.
  • Hot-plate or stove is recommended for burning this coal.

SRS Magix Coconut Coal (250gms, 30pcs)

  • Made from 100% pure coconut shell charcoal
  • Burns 3 times longer
  • leaves less ash
  • more economical to use
  • No smoke or odor